Stories of Progress & Change

Statistics have names and faces.

"It's the connection God has given me."

“Kathryn wanted more for her daughters.”
“She wants the best for her girls.”

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My bride of 25 great years, and I, had the priviledge to reconnect with a fine young lady we were able to work with over 18 years ago in Cincinnati. We are so proud to see all she is doing and all she has accomplished;...

Today is President's Day - a time we remember those who have led our beloved country. Which president was your favorite? I am so in awe of the first leader of our country, George Washington. He had all the power he could want and yet,...

I recently spoke with one of our city council members. We discussed the challenge for our neighbors in being able to access food. We hear about places called food deserts. That is our neighborhood, a place where it is hard to access a place to purchase...

When I was a child, I often beat my brothers to the Topps 3-D trading cards in our cereal boxes. After mom came back from the grocery, I would quietly open the new box, pour out the cereal, grab the card at the bottom, and...

There are lot's of conversations about politics these days. Unfortunately, I haven't heard much on the politics of poverty. As each candidate speaks about their views, what seems to be lost is the names and faces of those whom all the policies impact.  I will...