Making it to the Next Round

So it is the time of the year when we all pay attention to college
basketball. We root for our teams and hope that our bracket doesn’t get
busted. Yet, each year, it seems as if our best guess doesn’t work out.

But in the game of college academics, we sometimes see those we root
for not make it to the next “round.” Some of our neighbors head off to
college so illprepared that they spend their pell grant, and other
financial aid on remedial classes that do not count towards their

Just as the basketball team has needs and skills to win their game, so
do our students. What can be done to stop the flow of schools that do
not prepare our students for success? What is the answer?

Yes, I know there are lots of arguments, and plans…but now is the
time for a little less talk, and a LOT more action. This isn’t about
the game of basketball, this is about the game of life….and bracket
busters are for life….lets all root for our kids and do something.