ONU @ Shepherd Community Center

Local • Affordable • Fully Accredited • Four-Year Degree • Community Impact • Hands-On Experience

At ONU @ Shepherd, we provide a unique college experience with the best of two worlds – Olivet Nazarene University’s fully accredited 4-year degree of academic excellence at a reduced to no-cost to you price, and the leadership, culture, and hands-on experiences of Shepherd Community Center.


One-on-One Development & Guidance: You will have structure and intentional support from the ONU @ Shepherd team throughout the whole learning process, with one-on-one guidance so you aren’t alone on the journey.


An Accredited Education: ONU @ Shepherd is an Olivet Nazarene University extension site, offering classes in fully online formats, many of which include a 1-hour weekly live class session with an Olivet-hired professor for full engagement, giving you the opportunity to earn a fully accredited 4-year degree from Olivet in the hands-on learning and supportive environment of Shepherd Community Center.


Reduced Tuition: ONU @ Shepherd offers an affordable tuition to students, allowing you to earn up to 30 credit hours for a full year cost of $10,000. (Financial aid is also available to those who qualify)


Practical Training: With nearly 40 years of experience serving in the same neighborhood, ONU @ Shepherd students learn and practice urban ministry alongside Shepherd Community Center’s highly qualified staff and interns. Come change the world, one relationship at a time, while learning to become a world changer yourself. The ONU Plus student can serve 10-40 hours each week while earning a stipend up to $20,000 per year. Participate in hands-on learning opportunities that align with your choice of studies while being mentored, discipled, and developed. Shepherd Community does offer residential opportunities if you prefer to live, work, and worship in the same neighborhood.


Local Flexibility: Earn your degree and experience a close-knit college community of Shepherd Community while still having the flexibility to live at home or in Shepherd-provided housing and get hands-on experience working part-time.


Bachelor’s Degrees (4-year)

Pre-Major Courses (first 2 years)*

*For these programs, students can complete two years of pre-major coursework at ONU+ Extension Sites leading to Bachelor of Science degrees in these majors to then complete years 3 & 4 on the main campus in Bourbonnais, Illinois. Other degree program options may be available in the future as this program expands.

Next Steps:

  1. Apply to ONU @ Shepherd
  2. Submit your FAFSA (code 001741) and apply for other scholarship opportunities
  3. Enroll, attend classes, get practical experience, and be mentored and coached by our team
  4. Graduate with an accredited degree with low to no debt


Allen Southerland, Chief Recruitment Officer
Shepherd Community Center

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