VIDEO: Partner Update


Jay Height:
Hi. I’m Jay Height with this week’s update to you on the exciting things happening at Shepherd Community. Next week begins a series of every Monday in the month of October, we’ll be providing flu vaccines right here in this parking lot. And we’re partnering with other senior living centers in the neighborhood to provide flu vaccines for their residents as well.

Last year, we were able to do over 500 vaccines, and we want to do more this year to do everything we can to protect our neighbors from the flu. And that’s not all… And we’re partnering with EMS, with Marion County Health Department to bring the flu vaccine to our neighbors. We’re also partnering with the State Department of Health to provide childhood vaccines for many of our families whose children have gotten behind in the thing like mumps, and rubella, and measles. We’ll be able to provide those vaccines here, right at Shepherd Community to help our kids be safe. These are exciting partnerships, and ways that we’re trying to move the needle on health. Yes, we’ve done three COVID vaccine clinics, and we’re planning our fourth for October 30th with our great partner, the John Boner Community Center. We’re doing what we can to help with our neighbors’ health and the children’s health. We want to continue to work. It’s one of our six external focuses, health. We’re doing a lot of different things. This is one of our more important ones as we try and help our neighbors.

Thank you for your help, and be paying attention, we have something special coming up in the first week of November that we’ll want you to participate in. Pay attention as we keep you informed of the many exciting things, because of your help, that are happening here at Shepherd Community, enabling us to better serve our neighbors. We’re on the road to recovery. Won’t you join us?