VIDEO: Partner Update


Jay Height:
On The Road to Recovery, we talk about five different focuses, and one of those is medical. I’m excited to tell you that we have partnered (and I know I’m going to sound like a NASCAR driver here) with the State Department of Homeland Security EMS, with the State Board of Health, the Marion County Board of Health, with IEMS. All together, we’ve partnered together to provide free flu shots every Wednesday in the month of October.

Juan Guerra:
We’re proud to team up with the Shepherd Community and spread the word about their free flu shot program.

Zach Adamson:
I’m here today to ask everyone to help yourself and our community and our neighbors by getting your free flu shot at Shepherd Community.

Joe Hogsett:
This is Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett. This year, flu shots will be more important than ever. When more people get the flu shot, we preserve medical capacity for those who do catch the flu, and now COVID-19. This year, the Shepherd Community Center has partnered with Eskenazi Health, as well as state and local health officials, to offer free flu shots.

Eric Holcomb:
Hello, I’m Governor Eric Holcomb. As we enter flu season, taking one quick step can make a huge difference in keeping you and your loved ones healthy. And Shepherd Community Center is making it easy, with their free drive-through flu shot clinic, in partnership with our state and local health departments and EMS.

Jay Height:
Hundreds of folks have already gotten their shots, and more are coming. And we’re excited that we were able to partner, also, with Ivy Tech and with the State Career Connection and Talent Program, where we are helping our families get signed up for programs where they can get training for new jobs. We’re getting them connected to Ivy Tech and the programs that they have, and we are so thankful. Ivy Tech gave two scholarships to two of our own, who are in Ivy Tech right now, to help pay their way.

Jay Height:
Together, we’re better, right? That’s what we’ve said, and these flu shots are critical in helping keep our family safe and out of the hospital, away from COVID. This has not been done anywhere else in The United States, in this type of partnership, and we’re modeling the way. But most of all, we’re impacting the lives of our neighbors. Many have helped us, as we are reaching out to our neighbors, encouraging them to find ways to get here, to drive through. Don’t even have to get out of the car or walk up and get shots. This is a life-saving way we can work together to serve our neighborhood.

Jay Height:
Medical is an important part of the road to recovery. Won’t you join us?