VIDEO: Hatch + Shepherd


We are really excited to be able to partner again with Hatch. And today we are doing a special food distribution, we’re calling it our Family Breakfast in a Bag. And so families today were able to come by starting at nine o’clock and they were able to get a gallon of milk, a dozen eggs, a pound of sausage, and bagels. It’s really great to be able to offer high-quality protein, that’s a huge need in a neighborhood like ours. And when you think about kids and learning and how important that is, it’s a huge blessing to be able to provide that for families in the neighborhood today.

We just love the opportunity to continue to partner with Hatch, they are the ones really making this happen today for us. And to be able, again, to offer the milk, the eggs, the bagels, the sausage in partnership with Hatch has been huge and we just love and continue to support that partnership together.