VIDEO: Christmas Store 2019


Gabe Short:
For amount of kids that we have shopped for, they’re 737 and we have approximately 371 volunteers coming in to help those families shop.

David Hermann:
This partnership just began earlier in the year. It is giving people the opportunity to sign up for volunteer opportunities without having to set them up, and allowing it through our website, Activate Indy, of every five volunteers earns $250 towards Shepherd.

Speaker 3:
This big old gift right here is for my grandson, Andre. He’s a year old and he love basketball.

Tom Haskins:
It’s just that opportunity to give back and take some time out of our busy schedules to think about the true message of Christmas. And I love the Christian message of Shepherd, that we have a savior in Christ.

Andrew Green:
Yeah, I think it hits at a really great time for a lot of people when they’re obviously trying to provide for their family at Christmas. And this is just a great opportunity for some necessities like socks and gloves and underwear, things like that, but also something special for the kids too.

Speaker 6:
And so here’s the room for 13 to 18-year-olds. So, yeah, you can get two things.

Andrew Green:
Right after our store ends tonight. We also have invited a number of our partners to come in, give them to kids and families that they’re connected to. So it’ll be well over a thousand kids that are impacted.