Word on the street

Word on the street: Here’s how Shepherd makes a difference in families’ lives

Word-of-mouth is the oldest form of marketing in existence. And it’s still one of the most effective.

When one person tells another person how someone or something improved their life, it resonates because it’s personal and authentic.

And the word is that Shepherd Community Center’s word-of-mouth testimonials on the near Eastside and throughout Central Indiana are phenomenal.

I was reminded of that recently while having coffee with a former colleague, a national-level journalist who lives in Indy.  She told me that, while on a recent assignment, a single father told her about the challenges he faces in raising children on his own. But he also shared that a Shepherd team member had shown up at their home with a bag of groceries at just the right time.

That special delivery not only helped the father and his children get through a rough patch. It also prompted him to share from his heart about what Shepherd’s support means to him.

And many others are doing the same.  Shepherd recently opened a much-needed child care ministry at the Minnie Hartmann Community Center.  Stories about how the new ministry is lifting up families already are pouring in.

Here are a few that Jessica Gardner, the center’s assistant director, recently shared:

  • A single foster parent expressed her gratitude that she had safe and affordable care for an infant and an older sibling while she worked. The children were recently reunited with their family, and the foster mom said when she receives another placement, she’ll enroll the kids in the Minnie Hartmann center.
  • A mother enrolled her child at Minnie Hartmann after suspected abuse at another center.  The mother said that since starting at Shepherd’s center, her child is sleeping better, eating and laughing again.
  • A single father expressed gratitude that he can have his daughter in a safe, clean and affordable environment to learn and grow while he works. 
  • A family was excited that their children can attend a faith-based center in their neighborhood. The mom attended Shepherd as a child and is thrilled that one of her former teachers, Miss Emilie, is still doing ministry on the near Eastside.
  • A mom whose family has been involved with Shepherd for many years is happy to now be working at the Minnie Hartmann child care center and to have her five children enrolled in Shepherd programs.

And each of those stories is from just the first month of the child care center’s operation.

What about you?  How has Shepherd helped you and your family?  How will you share about how Shepherd is making a tremendous difference in our community? 

Remember, your good word is an invaluable gift you can provide for free to Shepherd and to all whom it serves.