Where’s the Peace?

On Thursday, June 30 our teens got to visit Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN. This was part of their week-long bus trip the middle and high school YLIFe Program takes every summer. We take them out of the city to explore the possibilities of a world beyond what they have grown to accept as “normal.” We want to give them the opportunity to see HOPE. This year, touring rural southern Indiana was a big piece of the trip.

Unfortunately, after a long day at Holiday World Thursday evening, the trip took a sad turn. Our students and adults were forced to evacuate the amusement park because of a bomb threat.

Fear and panic set in.
Frantic phone calls and text messages.
Struggling to find all the students in a sea of panicked people.

Thankfully, there was no bomb and everyone was safe, but they were left with fear and uncertainty.

We took our teens away from the inner city to experience life in a different place, but is it that different anymore? Everywhere we go fear seems to rule. Everywhere we turn evil, terrorism, and the enemy want to take away our safety and security. They want to take away our peace.

Wherever you live, in the inner city, suburbs, or deep in rural America there is a chance for peace – the Prince of Peace. It is His love that brings peace despite circumstances.

Will you be an agent of peace? Will you help to bring Shalom to your neighborhood and ours?

Peace be with you.