The Challenge

Quietly, on Friday April 29th at 1:27pm a life passed on to eternity with his Heavenly Father. The world is consumed with hopelessness, bitter political debate, and emptiness of wealth. Yet, there was a man, named Norm Sharp, who changed the world with no acclaim, with no glory, and no fanfare.

This man was like my second father. In a time when the world is ravaged by children without fathers, I had the privilege of having a great father, and a second amazing God-father.

I often say, “Every child will be mentored, the question is by whom?” I was mentored by great parents, and so many others, especially Norm.

So I mourn his loss, but rejoice that he is Home.

And I take the challenge: Who will I mentor? Who will I invest in?

Like Norm mentored and invested in me, I want to do the same with the children and families living in poverty in our neighborhoods. Won’t you join me?