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For $35 a month, YOU can transform a child’s life through Shepherd Community Center. Shepherd’s Child Sponsorship Program exists to feed, educate, equip, and empower our students and their families. Through the wrap-around support provided by Shepherd’s Continuum of Care, your sponsorship of $35 per month provides meals, in and out of school learning, resources, and the consistent mentoring relationships needed to help our students break the cycle of poverty and create a more stable, vibrant future.

How Much?

Sponsorship for one child requires a monthly investment of $35. Or, you can give $420 for a full year. You can sponsor as many children as you like with a $35 per month sponsorship per child.

Every child sponsor will receive:

How does my contribution help my sponsored child?


Your child sponsorship helps cover and reduce program costs for Shepherd kids. While a typical After-School Program might cost more than $100 per month for a single student, Shepherd’s After-School Program costs a family only $10 per child for a whole year. We ask for this nominal fee because we’ve found parent’s investment in the program results in higher attendance and fewer dropouts, while also keeping the program affordable for families in need. Your sponsorship helps cover the additional costs of Shepherd programming, ensuring your child will always have a safe place to learn, grow, eat, and be loved.

Why does my child have an alias?

Many Shepherd kids come from sensitive family situations, where presenting their known identity could put them at risk. Therefore, we go to great lengths to protect their identities, including assigning each child an alias. Once you complete a Shepherd volunteer orientation and background check, you can learn your child’s real name and even meet him or her in person.


Contact Child Sponsorship Coordinator Karalee White at or 317-375-0203 ext. 265 for more information on how your sponsorship can transform a child’s life.

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You can help break the cycle of poverty.