Shalom Project

Almost a year ago, the city of Indianapolis came and asked for Shepherd Community to help deal with the epidemic of violence in our neighborhoods. Could we take the amazing, transformative work we have done inside our walls and take it directly to our neighbors?

Our response? The Shalom Project. Why Shalom? Shalom is a Hebrew word meaning “peace.” And that’s exactly what we hope to do – bring peace to our neighborhood. We are dealing with the real issue, hopelessness!

Our response includes gathering partners (corporations, churches, neighbors) to help with three key challenges facing our neighbors every day:
• Hunger
• Health
• Housing

The stats are overwhelming, but just a few months into our response, we are seeing tremendous positive outcomes. Our neighbors are responding and joining us in the fight to take back the neighborhood to bring about peace.

We want your help too! Join the Shalom Project and help us bring peace to not only our neighborhood, but also to the City of Indianapolis. Contact Allen Southerland at for out program outline and three-year plan.

Help us restore hope and peace to our neighborhood!