Partnership with Police

I recently read an article about how students who live in an area of high crime have less ability to be upwardly mobile. The challenges of crime affect their economic future.

Without doing much analysis, I would tell you that our police department is doing more than just keeping us safe today, they are making it possible for our kids to break the cycle of poverty. Their work truly is about the children in our neighborhood’s future.

We value our partnership with the IMPD and are proud that we are served by the best. We put a high value on our partnership and believe in the men and women of our police department. They are key to helping us do what we do and to making the future bright for everyone in our neighborhood.

However, they can’t do it alone. We can work together to make the difference. The safety of our neighborhood is our responsibility. Won’t you find a way to partner with your local police to help improve our future?