Our Goal

Our main goal is not to run the best and most efficient program; rather help transform lives and break the cycle of poverty. And yet, I believe we execute our programs with excellence. But I must admit, touching the lives of our neighbors can be messy and heart breaking.

When I am feeling overwhelmed or having a bad day, I take a walk through the building and observe our kids. They help me readjust my attitude. They love life! They play with total abandonment. They look for the positive. And they teach me about the importance of life and what really matters.

I spend time praying for our neighbors. I know some of the situations and I see the messiness, but the kids teach me how to live in the messiness and how to keep my focus. They give me hope for what is to come.

I have much to learn from my neighbors and I cannot wait to help our neighbors find the same hope our kids are finding every day!