Merry Christmas!

So what is Christmas like at Shepherd??

We provided over 700 Christmas food baskets and food totes so students and their families have plenty of food to eat while they are home together this Christmas season.

All 500+ students from our daily programs shopped for gifts for their parents. The kids are so excited to be able to provide for their parents and show their love through a simple gift.

We have our Annual Christmas Festival and then our huge Christmas Store. This is where we allow parents to shop for the own children. Through the generosity of our donors and other community partners, more than 1,500 children will receive Christmas through the Store that would otherwise not have a Christmas together. Parents shop for more than toys; they shop for family board games, new clothes, underwear, socks, books, and personal hygiene items. Children will receive not only presents, but also essentials to keep them happy and healthy.

Yes, Christmas is a busy season at Shepherd Community, but it is a time where we are able to touch and share the true Joy and Hope of Christmas. Thank you to all our partners who help us accomplish this huge task.

Merry Christmas!