Stories of Hope in the Cold Winter Months

I want to share with you a story from a few of our staff members, and how they helped our neighbors during the recent cold snaps.

While driving through the neighborhood and distributing blankets, we noticed a lady and her elementary-aged daughter standing on the corner. The car’s thermometer read only 4 degrees. They had missed the school bus and now, hand in hand, the woman and child headed off to the school, on foot, more than a mile away. We pulled up and offered to take them to school. They were cold and graciously accepted the ride.

Once in the car, the conversation turned to the blankets we had in the back seat. We explained our mission in the neighborhood and that the blankets had been generously donated to Shepherd. The mother exclaimed that the furnace in her house wasn’t keeping up with the cold temperatures and that she could certainly use some blankets. So after we dropped off her daughter at school, we drove her home and gave her blankets for her and her family. She was very appreciative of the donated blankets. 

Thanks for your help in making it possible for us to be here for our neighbors.