Father’s Day

Happy Fathers Day!

I am blessed to have the father I do.
A man who overcame so much.
He never complained over his hurdles, he just pushed on.
His walk matches his talk.
His life is a consistent message of the  love of His Heavenly Father and his love for his earthly family.
His life was one of sacrifice and hard work; shoes so big to fill that my brothers and I could never walk in them.
The world will never write of his life or create a show for folks to watch.
Yet, each and everyday, his life is lived out in his three sons, daughter in laws, and grandchildren.
Those he loves, he worked for then and now,  in a difficult journey of health which affirms “his many blessings.”

My prayer today: May I follow my dad as he followed his Heavenly Father.

The world will be a better place, and I will do my part – because he sure did.

I love you Dad.