Hello Hope

When Shepherd knocks on a neighbor’s door, they are opening the door to hope. Hope from fear, sickness, heartbreak, brokenness, and poverty. Hope for a future, opportunities, and a new life. The key to saying hello to hope is through relationships.


Every year, Shepherd impacts the lives of over 500 families, seeking to truly understand the struggles and needs of our neighbors and meeting them where they are but not allowing them to stay there. Hope lives here: Shepherd Community Center. 

Joe – came to Shepherd as a shy little boy and is now a 30-year-old graduate of UIndy who works for IMPD as a patrol officer and Field Training Officer transforming the same neighborhoods and streets he grew up on.


Zayda – came to Shepherd when she was 16 years old, attending Summer YLIFe and After-School programs. If not for Shepherd she would still be working at McDonalds, but now 25, Zayda is instead managing $80 million in real estate transactions, and recently built a new construction home.


Jorge – came to Shepherd a child and grew into his God-given leadership skills and utilized his love for learning. Now 22 years old, Jorge graduated from Taylor University where he served as student body vice president and just started physical therapy grad school.

Relationships fight the fears brought about by loneliness, isolation, and insecurities, helping our neighbors feel seen, heard, and loved. When Shepherd knocks on the doors of our neighbors’ homes or brings a child into our community center, we’re opening the door to hope for a new, different life. A hope that only happens through relationship and deep connection, and meeting their physical, emotional, spiritual, and academic needs.

Won’t you help our neighbors say “Hello” to hope?


You can help break the cycle of poverty.