A Decade of Impact

Wow, what a decade! It is hard to believe that ten years ago, in 2006, we moved Shepherd Community Center into the wonderful building where we are now. I remember walking through the building wondering how we were going to use all the building, and now today, every room is used every day, sometimes in multiple ways each day.

And now, I’m excited that our new addition is completed on Shepherd Community Center. With this addition, we have added another classroom, a teaching kitchen, new food pantry, and a huge storage room. Best of all, thanks to all the generous donors and supporters, this new addition is 100% paid for.

We are so blessed by how God has worked to touch so many lives. We never dreamed of what God would do through this location when we moved 10 years ago, and now we’re overflowing! Now, can we dream bigger dreams? Can we stand back and watch how God is going to move? I’ve seen God moving in the 21 years my family has served, and this building reminds me of that every day.

We are a blessed people. The question is, will we be a blessing?