Happy 30th Birthday Shepherd!

It’s a birthday party! Okay, maybe not… But Shepherd Community Center turned 30 years old this week. Now it is time for us to celebrate.

On Thursday, November 12th we are holding a banquet to celebrate the Thriving Thirty years of service. Thirty transformational years and all who made it possible. And we’ll also look to the next 30 years, casting an even larger vision.

We’ll celebrate the vision and prayer key leaders had for Shepherd Community Center. They had a vision much bigger than the reality of 30 years ago and we have been blessed to not only see those dreams, but also surpass them.

We’ll celebrate countless dedicated staff and volunteers who have invested their lives into so many of our neighbors. Neighbors that now partner with us to bring that same change into our community. Neighbors who, without the support and help from Shepherd staff and volunteers may not be alive, no less thriving as they are.

We’ll celebrate those who have invested financially in our building, staff, volunteers, equipment, and neighbors. Without that continued investment, we wouldn’t be here. Through the generous support of so many, our programs have grown from a handful of families to over 500 families served every year. We couldn’t do this without the financial resources to staff and serve our neighbors physically, emotionally, spiritually, and academically.

We’ll celebrate a God who continues to move in miraculous ways. God who sustains, supplies, and protects us. God is the one truly making the difference and transforming lives. We are simply blessed to be the vehicle through which He brings hope and restoration here on the near Eastside of Indianapolis.

So, what is the vision for the next Thriving Thirty years? We cannot wait to share with you in the coming weeks and months.