Stories of Graduation: How Quality Education Creates Hope

How does quality education create hope?


At Shepherd Community Center, true hope and transformation are not measured by numbers alone. They are measured by the stories told and the lives changed. These are our stories of hope – our stories of graduation. So, how does Shepherd’s dedication to quality education change our students’ stories?


Because of Shepherd’s dedication to quality education, I can now…


Serve! My major is politics and public service. I want to serve and help make my local community better. – Ben, a Freshman at Taylor University


Make both my family and me proud. I am a social work major, and I would love to work at a school like Shepherd and help children, especially those from Hispanic families like mine. I want to help them change their lives, too! – Julissa, a Sophomore at Taylor University


See my mental acuity. I can see the same greatness and intelligence in our childcare students. I encourage them every day that they can achieve goals that may seem impossible. – Diana, Director of Minnie Hartmann

Graduation is just the first major step to a new world of possibilities. Shepherd helps each of our students grow capacity through quality education to reduce dependency on others. Stories of graduation are possible with the support, encouragement, and wrap-around care of Shepherd from cradle to career – and beyond!


Your giving to Shepherd Community Center makes these stories of graduation and more possible!

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