Fall Festival

It’s that time of the year where we all dress up and beg for candy from strangers in and around our neighborhoods.

This is not really what we want our neighborhood children doing for an evening. That’s why we created a Fall Festival for our families. Held on our safe Shepherd property, families can come in costume for games, food, candy, and fun. Kids can show off their awesome costumes with a Trunk’o’Treat outside – hosted completely by our amazing volunteers. It’s a great event that not only brings our neighborhood together, but also is a great opportunity for your family to serve.

We are still in need of volunteers to make this event a success this next weekend. Buy an extra bag of candy. Maybe bring some school supplies. Or, come and break bread with our families. Whatever you can give will make a powerful difference. Just one moment can make all the difference on October 31.

Can you help us as we offer our Fall Festival as a safe place for the whole family? Contact our volunteer coordinator Phil Merki at philm@shepherdcommunity.org for ways you can get involved on Saturday, October 31 at Shepherd Community Center.